scales of angels

scales of angels is a music group, founded in 2003 with the goal of using experimentation and innovation to craft a unique musical vision, straddling a wide range of genres, while retaining a characteristic sound using a mix of stringed and electronic instruments. from the simplicity of their live performances to the complexity of their studiowork, the goal of scales of angels is to challenge the boundaries of modern music.

creating intriguing, emotional, and evocative music that mixes epic soundscapes with stripped down pop songs, scales of angels manages to shift gears from emotion to emotion while creating a marriage of ability, creativity and imagination..

standing behind a credo that "everything is possible but nothing is acceptable", scales of angels is a promise to tear it all down and breathe new life into music.

michael plays epiphone, fender, yamaha and ibanez guitars through analog and digital effects of various manufacture into peavey, behringer and kustom amps. michael also uses novation, yamaha, roland and akai electronic instruments.

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